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*There are royalties attached to some varieties. The amount per vine is noted on the description page. Your invoice will reflect the royalty charges.​

      *Attention: Time sensitive information!


- "Availability Inquiry" form is the first step in ordering your desired vines.


-It is vitally important to make your inquiry as soon as you know what varieties are of interest to you.


-We will check the currant numbers and get back to you with a quote for on hand material, or suggestions for substitute material if needed.


-A contract will be made and emailed to you for signature verification.


We must have your 1/3 downpayment and signed contract within 14 days to reserve your vines. 


(If the contract and downpayment are not received within the 14 day period your order is cancelled and the inventory goes back into the system.)



   *On the form below make sure to include*             



   Variety    Clone  Root Stock   Quantity


   Reisling    10         3309              500


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We will check our inventory and get back to you through the email address on your contact form.


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Be sure to note the Variety (clone if applicable)

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You can ask questions or give us any other information you think is needed. Thank you!

Shipping Address if Different


~Standard Orders


1/3 down at time of order confirmation.

2nd 1/3 is due by January 15 of year the vines are to be shipped.


MUST be paid in FULL before your scheduled shipping date!​


NOTE:  Orders after December 15th, 1/2 down at time of order confirmation.






Sandra Amberg


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Office (315) 462-3288​