Is a thinner skinned more fruit forward variety than its cousin Cabernet Sauvignon. 


When used as a single varietal Merlot has a rich floral and earthy bouquet with vibrant red to purple hues (depending on climate and soil.


One of the six wines permitted in Bordeaux blends. Frequently blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, and also well known as a varietal. Winter tender, buds early, ripens very late.



Clone 1 - consistent producer,  slightly more winter hardy

Rootstocks: 3309 and 101-14 


Clone 181-  (FPS clone 15) Good for long aging wines.

Rootstocks: 3309, 101-14, SO4, and Riparia


Clone 3- Consistent fruit set, yield, and ripening in the fruit.

Rootstocks: 3309 


Clone 348- (FPS clone 14) this clone is noted for its Blueberry character. Works best in warmer climates

Rootstocks: 101-14



         Classification Key 


OR- Own-Rooted                    GR- Grafted                       CH- Cold Hearty

XCH- Extreem Cold Hearty   DR- Disease Resistant     WH- White Grape

RD- Red Grape                        HB- Hybrid                        NA- Native

ON- Ornamental                    RYT- Royalties