​                           Chardonnay 




Originally from the Burgandy's Macon region, Chardonnay is now grown extensive worldwide. Whether buttery (when oak-aged) with notes and aromas of fruit, or dry and acidic, Chardonnay wines are bold, silky and delightful, finishing with a clean, dry bite. 


Buds early and ripens early to mid season. Clone specific, can be winter hardy.


Clone 75

Slightly higher yield and good quality.   

Rootstocks: 101-14



Clone 76 (FPS clone 69)

Early maturity, high quality for all soil types.  

Rootstock: 3309 and SO4


Clone 77 (FPS clone 45 & 44)

Lower yields, with a strong dominant Muscat flavor.  

Rootstock: 3309

Clone 95 (FPS clone 37)

High quality wines, which are often rated first in wine tastings.

Rootstocks: 101-14


Clone 96 (FPS clone 70)

20% more productive than #76 and #95.

Rootstocks: 101-14



         Classification Key 


OR- Own-Rooted                    GR- Grafted                       CH- Cold Hearty

XCH- Extreem Cold Hearty   DR- Disease Resistant     WH- White Grape

RD- Red Grape                        HB- Hybrid                        NA- Native

ON- Ornamental                    RYT- Royalties