Chenin Blanc Clone 5





Chenin Blanc Clone 5



This French variety dates back to medieval times. It is used to make a diverse range of wines that swing from sweet and floral to dry and crisp. 



Productive white vinifera variety. Cool regions generate Sweet, fruity juice with high acidity. Warmer regions use the grape for table, sparkling and dessert wines that retain crispness. The grape vine buds early in the growing season and ripens mid to late in the harvest year.

Rootstock: 3309, 101-14, and 1616


                         CHENIN BLANC



         Classification Key 


OR- Own-Rooted                    GR- Grafted                       CH- Cold Hearty

XCH- Extreem Cold Hearty   DR- Disease Resistant     WH- White Grape

RD- Red Grape                        HB- Hybrid                        NA- Native

ON- Ornamental                    RYT- Royalties