Has been a stop of grape cultivation in southern France since the late 16th century.


Mourvedre is a sumptuously juicy grape possessing small blue-toned berries that thrive in warmer climates.


This variety is pungent in fruit flavors and 

The grape clusters are compact enhancing its susceptibility to mildew, with berries that are high in both color and flavor phenolics.This Spanish red variety thrives in warm climates and has a tendency to both bud and ripen late.

Rootstocks: 3309



         Classification Key 


OR- Own-Rooted                    GR- Grafted                       CH- Cold Hearty

XCH- Extreem Cold Hearty   DR- Disease Resistant     WH- White Grape

RD- Red Grape                        HB- Hybrid                        NA- Native

ON- Ornamental                    RYT- Royalties