Pinot Gris




Pinot Gris Clone 1


Also known as Pinto Grigio (Italy) or Rulander (Germany). A genetic mutation of Pinto Noir. Brownish pink berries that yield a white wine. Buds early to mid season. Moderately cold hardy.

Rootstock: 3309 and 101-14



Pinot Gris Clone 146

Rootstocks: 3309 and 101-14


Pinot Gris Clone 152

Clone 152 - (FPS clone 4)

Rootstocks: 101-14 and SO4


Pinot Gris Clone 52 (FPS 09)

Rootstock: 101-14 and 3309


                           PINOT GRIS



         Classification Key 


OR- Own-Rooted                    GR- Grafted                       CH- Cold Hearty

XCH- Extreem Cold Hearty   DR- Disease Resistant     WH- White Grape

RD- Red Grape                        HB- Hybrid                        NA- Native

ON- Ornamental                    RYT- Royalties