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cold hardy


we offer a selection of super cold hardy vines and rootstocks, for those areas that need more attention. With our farm being located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, we have an understanding of shorter growing seasons. 

Adelmiina {own-rooted}

Brianna 01.1 {own-rooted}

Edelwiss {own-rooted}

Frontenac {own-rooted}

Frontenac Blanc 01.1 {own-rooted}

Frontenac Gris {own-rooted}

LaCrescent {own-rooted}

LaCrosse {own-rooted}

Louise Swenson {own-


Kay Grey {own-rooted}

Marquette {own-rooted or


St. Croix {own-rooted}

St. Pepin {own-rooted}

Valient {own-rooted}

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