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         Eric Amberg


Owner/Operations Manager



Cell: (585) 317-3856



Availability is subject to change minute to minute






We are pleased to announce

New York State Certified Grapevines

are available!




Were your requested vines already SOLD OUT


Pre-Order for Spring 2022 NOW!



We are in the process of planting NYS Certified rootstock vineyards,

with the vision that in 4-6 years we will be 95% self-reliant for our rootstock needs.



for grafting onto 101-14 and S04

"We will no longer be doing speculative grafting onto these rootstocks."


Deadline for pre-orders for spring 2022

 is November 30th 2020. 


(As with all orders, we will need a 1/3rd down payment within 2 weeks of receiving the invoice.)



Sandra Amberg


Office Administrator/Sales

Website Management


Office (315) 462-3288​