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Payment Policy


The payment policy for Amberg Grapevines is the same for both new and existing customers. 

For all orders placed prior to November 30th, there is a required 1/3rd down deposit at time of ordering. In addition, the second payment of three is to be paid prior to January 15th. The final payment is to be paid one week prior to shipping of your order. 

For all orders placed between December 1st and February 28th, there is a required 50% down payment at time of ordering. The final payment is to be paid one week prior to shipping.

For all orders placed anytime after March 1st for delivery that Spring, the order is required to be paid in full at time of ordering.

In addition, the expense of Shipping And Handling will be added onto the final invoice sent to the customer.

If an order is canceled before January 31st the amount paid is fully refundable. If an order is canceled anytime after February 1st, the amount paid will be applied as credit to the customer’s account to be utilized for any order placed in the future. 

For customers who have placed custom orders, please see the “Custom Propagation Payment Policy” section for further information.


Custom Propagation Payment Policy


    A custom order is required to be placed no later than March 30th, to be shipped in the year that follows. (For example: A custom order placed January 20th, 2024 will be shipped to the customer in the Spring of 2025)

 All custom orders are automatically placed in a three payment schedule. The first payment is non-refundable.

If additional payments have been made after the downpayment and the order is canceled, the additional payments will be applied as a credit to the customer’s account, unless otherwise agreed upon with Eric Amberg.

In addition, all agreements made throughout the course of a custom order are to be made in writing AND signed by Eric Amberg and the customer.

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