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innovative varieties,

unique representation

of new world wines.

white hybrids
red hybrids

Aris {grafted}

Aurore (own-rooted or grafted)

Cayuga White 01 (own-rooted or grafted)

Chardonel 01 (own-rooted or grafted)

Elvira 01.1 (own-rooted or grafted)

Melody 01 (own-rooted or grafted)

Prinzipal {grafted}

Seyval Blanc (own-rooted or grafted)

Sigerebe (grafted)

Traminette 01.1 (own-rooted or grafted)

Vidal Blanc 01 (own-rooted or grafted)

Vignoles 01 (Ravat 51) (own-rooted or grafted)

Villard Blanc 01.1 (own- rooted or grafted)

Baco Noir {own-rooted or grafted}

Chambourcin {own-rooted or grafted}

Chelois {own-rooted or grafted}

DeChaunac 01.1 {own-rooted or grafted}

Dutchass {own-rooted or grafted}

Geneva Red 01 {own-rooted or grafted}

Landot Noir {own-rooted or grafted}

Leon Millot 01.1 {own-rooted or grafted}

Marechal Foch 01 {own- rooted or grafted}

New York Muscat {own-rooted}

Noiret 01 {own-rooted or grafted}

Rougeon {own-rooted or grafted}

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